About Brian

After being injured and bed-ridden for a month in 2002, Brian began practicing yoga as a form of physical therapy and rehabilitation. His practice continued beyond the physical recovery stage and now permeates all aspects of his life. For seven years he developed his personal practice, then Brian went on to complete a 250 hour Teacher Training at South Asheville Yoga.

Brian practices and teaches a vigorous Vinyasa style of yoga. He blends strength-building poses and longer held deep stretches in a dynamic flow. Students should be comfortable moving and challenging themselves and experience is helpful.

Brian's yoga practice reflects his approach to life; Whether he is renovating a house, designing a website, teaching children yoga or honing his mental focus and physical strength through a challenging yoga practice, he is happiest when involved in activities that require a combination of creative and physical energies. Life flows and is more satisfying when challenges are met with a natural curiosity, enthusiasm and humor.

Brian moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2006. He lived there for 7 years, after living in many places around the country; from New York to California and from Wyoming to South Carolina (as well as Colorado and Connecticut). Some places he enjoyed more than others, but they all had value as new and exciting experiences.

His latest move in the spring of 2012, has taken him to Northeastern Pennsylvania. While maintaining his yoga practice he is developing an AcroYoga practice. The combination of focus, balance, strength and flexibility fits well into his life philosophy.

You can view his other activities at brianmdavis.com

Teaching Schedule

Tuesday, 7:15PM

Boundless Yoga

Stroudsburg, PA

Friday, 9:30AM

Boundless Yoga

Stroudsburg, PA

Sunday, 6:30PM

Boundless Yoga

(led meditation)

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